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We have been very busy in the last couple of weeks setting up an initial interface and demo: a first demonstrator of what DATAMI will be. This is clearly still far from the final product as we envisage it, but it shows the potential of the idea: background processes collecting and processing information about my online activities to provide me with a personal, semantic web history dashboard. But, since a video is better than I don’t really know how many words, here it is:

All the data on which this demo relies has been collected using the datami-proxy running on my personal laptop. It is then transparently processed (in batch running every hour) through the stanbol enhancer services to identify entities in the texts of the websites I encountered, as well as additional information about these entities. All these data are kept in a semantic store, which is being directly queried by the javascript interface. Many improvements are still needed before DATAMI could be made accessible, some of them more tricky then others:
  • Adding a way to explore and filter by ranges of dates
  • Adding information about the connections between the displayed entities
  • Putting some design into the interface… it is rather ugly and in need of a better look and feel
  • Improving data processing and querying to make it faster, and so that it can fit entirely on a standard laptop. This will require in particular to implement clever data trimming and caching mechanisms
  • Improving the entity ranking mechanism. At the moment, we use a combination of the popularity of the entity (how many websites mention it) and of the confidence with which Stanbol identifies it. However, Stanbol sometimes come up with rather funny results, and more sophisticated approaches might be needed to separate the important entities from the irrelevant ones.
The next few posts will be dedicated to the implementation of the components of this demo, and to updates regarding the progress on these improvements. So, watch this space!


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